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Explore unlimited locations and segments to find your target customers. Access tens of thousands of user segments, target market demographics, and customer data analytics, to make the best, most insightful audience decisions. Explore vast amount of consumer segments such as sports audiences or fashion audiences and insights about travel data analytics.

Use our free audience platform to discover insights and create impactful campaigns.
With a few clicks you can activate those campaigns instantly on a variety of media exchanges
(DSPs – demand-side platforms) and launch highly targeted campaigns that deliver results.  

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Finding Your
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The main building block of any marketing campaign is defining the right audience. The characteristics of the campaign’s audience can sometimes be tricky and challenging. The consumer insights and audiences hub by enables marketers to reinvent the way they are defining, building, and activating their audience.

Understanding customers and their attributes are vital for brands that want to make the most intelligent data-backed business decisions. Yet, it is the type of information that is the hardest for marketers to find and access.

For more info on Mobile AI Audiences, check out Maia,’s first audience building platform built strictly on NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Artificial Intelligence.’s Hub provides a window into what users want and need, as well as their behaviors. Brands can leverage this information to identify trends and customer journeys, improve product offerings, activate high-converting campaigns, and build brand equity. Marketers can use the Hub to access thousands of insights, gain a deeper understanding of their segments, and activate those instantly on a variety of media exchanges (DSPs – demand-side platforms).

Starting from
Scratch and
Getting a Full

Building an audience can be done bottom-up and top-down. In both cases, marketers are re-visiting basic assumptions and challenging their best practices on their way to delivering innovative campaigns with accurate and efficient results. Brands can start the insights process by exploring different user segments and filter the data further by selecting a city, state, or country.

The consumer insights and audiences hub reveals actionable insights related to the segment’s audience size, age group, gender breakdown, household income, and more. The ability to learn about most visited places, age, and gender distribution helps brands have a better understanding of their segments. The inputs are provided by’s AI Audience platform. The power of 40 billion different attributes, collected daily and analyzed in real-time, is a game-changer for marketers.

Step by Step

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The Hub presents only the tip of the iceberg in terms of segmentation granularity. Slicing and dicing segments according to different factors can be puzzling. The Hub makes it easy to explore basic options and ignite different segmentation directions. The visibility of the outcome makes the path for conclusions and campaign activation clear and straightforward.

What’s Next

With a few clicks, marketers can activate their chosen audience on one of over a dozen DSPs and further refine or expand their audience using suggested related segments or additional filters inside the audience builder. Armed with their ideal audience, marketers can launch highly targeted campaigns that deliver results.

Consumer Insights & Audiences Hub FAQs:

The consumer insights and audiences hub covers thousands of segments and reflects a small sample of’s audiences. Looking for a specific audience but couldn’t find it? Have questions about the presented insights? Contact for more information.

Demographic targeting means segmentation according to age, gender, education, and income level. These segments can be effectively activated for advertising campaigns.

Data-driven decisions are key for today’s strategy and marketing. Having a clear understanding of your audiences based on consumer insights ensures you’re headed in the right direction for efficient and scalable growth.

Consumer insights can address business questions such as the size of segments, audience characteristics, optional demographics and attributes, and much more. Measuring your total addressable market, understanding the attributes of your audiences, and exploring strategic markets are some of the business objectives that can benefit from those insights.

Analyzing an audience can be done according to numerous factors. The easiest way to start the process is by defining demographics targeting. Age, gender, and similar attributes help in narrowing down your segments quickly and effectively.

The Hub includes a variety of data sets, including gender, age, cellular carrier information, income level, and more. The presented insights are according to the available and applicable information – provided by’s AI Audience Platform.

Marketers can use the Hub to access thousands of insights, gain a deeper understanding of their segments, and activate those instantly on a variety of media exchanges (DSPs – demand-side platforms).

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