Social Media Users
in Dominican Republic

Social Media Users

There are billions of social media users worldwide, and they are spread across a handful of top social media platforms. Each platform offers a different experience and way to share content which heavily impacts the type of user who chooses it. Social media users in Dominican Republic have chosen the Samsung Galaxy TAB A7 as their device of choice. Learn more about the defining characteristics of social media users through the charts below.

Social Media Users
Dominican Republic map
Geolocation stat
Dominican Republic
48,320 sq km
Audience size
Dominican Republic map

INSIGHTS ON Social Media Users in Dominican Republic

55 years and above 0.5%
45-54 years 0.9%
35-44 years 2.6%
25-34 years 20.1%
18-24 years 75.9%
Male (38.2%)
Female (61.8%)
Top devices
01 Samsung Galaxy TAB A7
02 tcl 3T10 4G
04 lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 HD(2nd Gen)
Leading carriers
01 Claro
02 Orange
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Updated: 03-2023