With over 4.5 billion people worldwide on social media, it has never been more challenging or complex to target the right users at the right time.

Although audience targeting is getting harder on all the major social platforms, that doesn’t mean your campaigns should suffer. Rather, it’s about finding the right tools and solutions to support smarter targeting, so you can get the most from your social media buys.

That’s where Start.io comes into the picture. We’ve recently launched Social Audiences, our best-in-class pre-pack and custom audiences from our global network of mobile users, now available on most major social channels including Meta, TikTok, Snap, Twitter, and more.

 Why Social Audiences? Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • First-party data: All data is exclusively sourced from Start.io’s proprietary SDK installed on over 500,000 integrated apps.
  • Reach and scale: With Start.io audiences, advertisers can reach more than 300 million devices in the US and 2.4 billion devices globally. That’s over half of the social media user base worldwide!
  • Multitude of signals: Our SDK delivers a 360-degree view of consumers where they spend so much of their time – on their mobile devices. It identifies users by apps, location, Bluetooth connectivity, device make and model, cell network, device language, cell signal strength, demo, and more.

Interested in improving your targeting across your social buys? Reach out to marketing@start.io to find out how to get started.