It seems you can’t drive anywhere anymore without seeing several electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. 

This is not surprising, given the sustained growth of the EV market. While sales of passenger vehicles slumped in the US in 2021, EV sales jumped a huge 65%.

EVs already make up 21% of the passenger auto market in China, and in Europe the figure is 12%. The growth in the EV market is set to accelerate next year, as a new range of electric powered vehicles come onto the market, including mid-range SUVs and pickup trucks.

In 2022, the EV market accounted for 10% of total car sales worldwide, and there is no turning back. In fact, advertisers should embrace it!

TL;DR: the increased adoption of EVs in the coming years offer a ripe opportunity for advertisers to target an ever-growing and passionate audience. Jumpstart your EV-inspired campaigns now to take the lead and get ahead of the competitors. 

To get started, here are the latest EV trends and data points, straight to you from’s mobile data: 

  1. Big Box store shoppers like to buy big, and they need their cars to take all their purchases home. According to data, 80% of people who like to shop at Big Box stores are car owners, and 5% of these are already driving electric
  2. Luxury cars versus electric cars: who’s the winner? In the US, the competition is not even close. The number of EV owners is 85% higher than the number of luxury car owners
  3. Save the planet! It’s not surprising that 32% of people who are eco-enthusiasts are also interested in electric cars. Protecting the planet is still a popular theme among EV target audiences.
  4. Besides the environmental benefits, another advantage of going electric is saving money on rising gas costs. Interestingly. 31% of mobile users who are interested in electronics are in the lower to moderate socio-economic bracket
  5. There are approximately 175 million mobile users in the US who are car owners. Take a deeper dive into the demographic and behavioral data of the Car Owners in the US  audience segment to craft better campaigns with better targeting.

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