People love brands.

The consumer landscape is incredibly saturated. One of the key differentiators for making purchasing decisions, besides price and convenience, is the brand.

There are several reasons why people buy brands, mostly rooted in psychology. For example, buying from a particular brand marks an individual as part of a ‘tribe’ or community. Purchasing a brand also reflects a person’s habits; they feel comfortable and familiar with the brand, so they return to it again and again. Another reason is self-image – people tend to buy from brands that enhance how they see themselves or how they aspire to be.

Whatever the reason, this innate love of brands is very good news for mobile app developers. Brand advertising provides another layer of opportunity to engage app users around the brands they love, and increase the app’s monetization potential.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways app developers and owners can leverage brand ads to boost revenue:

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    Focus inventory on brand demand as well as performance demand

    Brand ads will not replace performance ads; rather, app developers should aim to optimize mobile ad inventory for brand advertising, in addition to inventory devoted to generating installs and clicks.

    For app developers, this means adapting your inventory to meet the campaign KPIs and goals that are relevant to brands, such as viewability rates, video completion rates and engagement metrics. 

    Make brand safety priority

    For brand advertisers, safety on mobile apps is a top concern, so it should be for app developers too. It is important to provide a safe environment where brands won’t be risking their reputation or perception among consumers by association with low quality ads and experiences. Be sure to audit your apps for brand safety and improve wherever possible.

    Boost your video inventory

    Over 70% of brands use video to boost awareness of their brand among potential customers. With consumers spending so much time in mobile apps, providing more opportunities for video advertising is incredibly important to attract brands to your app. Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads enable brands to capture user attention at different moments of their in-app session, helping to increase eCPM and app revenue.

    Offer curated supply around relevant niches and categories

    App developers can entice brand advertisers by offering advanced supply strategies to help them reach their most relevant audiences in apps. Curated supply is pre-packaged audiences based on user data, enabling advertisers to target specific niche audiences programmatically and at scale, with just a few clicks to activation. App owners who can offer this and other types of advanced audience targeting will have a headstart in attracting advertising budgets from brands.

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