Advertisers who are succeeding in audience targeting are already reaching their most relevant segments.

But what about those untapped segments that have similar characteristics and behaviors to existing audiences, yet are not included in your current targeting strategy?

Now you can reach these hidden, high-potential audiences with the launch of “Likely-to-be”: pre-pack segments that provide advertisers with a powerful tool to optimize their campaigns and effectively expand their reach.

What is a Likely-to-be segment?

A Likely-to-be segment, also known as “Look-A-Like”, is a pre-pack audience crafted by that identifies and targets mobile users who exhibit similar characteristics, behaviors and preferences to a desired audience. Likely-to-be segments are based on’s advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques, creating scalable, high quality audiences that enables advertisers to reach a wider pool of potential customers.

Why leverage Likely-to-be Audiences?

Likely-to-be audiences are based on first-party data from’s proprietary SDK installed on over 500K integrated apps. This provides advertisers with exclusive access to high-quality pre-packaged audiences that have similar attributes to their existing audiences.

In addition, the SDK offers a multitude of signals, providing a 360-degree view of consumers from their mobile device. It identifies users by apps, location, Bluetooth connectivity, device make and model, cell network, device language, cell signal strength, demo, and more.

  With its vast network, helps advertisers reach over 300 million devices in the US, and 2.4 billion devices globally. With Likely-to-be audiences, the potential for scale is unparalleled.

Where to activate’s Likely-to-be segments Likely-to-be segments are available on the main DSPs, including TTD, Pubmatic, Adsquare, DV360, Dataxu, Verizon Yahoo, Mediamath and more. So you can use Likely-to-be audiences to unlock the full potential of your targeting strategy with your familiar partners.

 Want to activate Likely-to-be segments on any other DSPs? Connect with our team today and we’ll get you started.