Location. Location. Location.

When it comes to mobile advertising, the mobile user’s proximity to a brand, store or Point of Interest (POI) is a key parameter for targeting and engagement. That’s why we are launching the new Proximity-Based Segments as part of our Audience Targeting offering.

What are proximity segments?

Consumers are continually on the go, and they take their mobiles everywhere with them. Start.io’s proximity segment feature is based on advanced technology that identifies mobile users who are frequently ‘near’ specific brands. By expanding the radius around POIs, we can discover individuals who are more likely to engage with opportunities and offers from nearby brands.

Although the radius is increased, there is no change to the high quality of the segment, meaning advertisers access relevant users in the closest proximity – a complete win-win.

With Proximity-Based Segments, advertisers can more effectively tailor their campaigns based on users’ physical proximity to their desired brands.

Currently, Proximity Segments are available in the US only. More regions will be added in the future, so stay tuned.

Why Proximity-Based Segments are your new secret weapon

With Start.io’s new Proximity-Based Segments, advertisers can access several built-in advantages, enabling a new dimension for campaign performance:

  1. Brands-based segments: Previously, audience segments that were based on brands only included users who had visited the specific brand’s exact POI. With a proximity-based approach, advertisers can target users who have been identified near the brand, indicating opportunities for engagement.
  2. Much larger segments: As Proximity-Based Segments include individuals located around the brand’s POIs, the segment is far larger, enabling advertisers to significantly increase the size and reach of their audiences.
  3. Fresh users: Proximity-Based Segments incorporate users seen recently, thus providing buyers with a greater opportunity to reach potential customers via mobile media.

Want to leverage the exciting new Proximity-Based Segments so you can engage audiences that are near to your brand – and maybe bring them even closer? 

Reach out today and explore how to take your campaigns to the next level with Proximity Segments.