’s Audiences – Ready for Activation’s audiences are now available on MediaMath’s T1 platform, allowing marketers to explore a whole variety of categories, including increasingly popular mobile habits such as gaming, e-sports, music and video streaming, online shopping, fitness, and much more.’s audiences on the platform are based on first-party SDK mobile device. The audiences are live segments, always-on and ready for activation.’s mobile data platform enables partners to turn data into accurate insights, to make the right business decisions in real time, and to enhance their ongoing business strategies. The ability to target users based on major mobile attributes, such as location, language, device model and more, is a key factor in today’s increasingly device-based economy.

MediaMath unites audience, media and intelligence in a single omnichannel platform, giving marketers the tools to execute smart marketing at scale and to drive truly incremental business value.

Brands and agencies use MediaMath’s technology and services to achieve the performance they need with less effort, and to better cater to their goals.

The ability to gain direct access to unique audiences, through MediaMath’s platform, gives brands and agencies complete insight into the user’s daily life while utilizing multiple data signals. Together with, MediaMath now provides unprecedented access to mobile data for even more accurate, insight-based consumer targeting.