The 20th ChinaJoy Conference was recently held in Shanghai, with the theme “20 years of companionship, more joy, more wonder”. As always, the premier digital entertainment and gaming event in Asia provided a comprehensive view of the latest technologies impacting B2B and B2C enterprises, as well as upcoming trends in the Chinese digital market. 

This year, the conference had an impressive attendance of over 300,000 visitors. Businesses of all sizes exhibited at the event, with notable participation from the communications and marketing sectors. A hallmark of ChinaJoy is the distinguished lineup of speakers. Delegates from industry giants such as Google, Meta, Alibaba, and Tencent provided insightful perspectives on the changing landscape of gaming technology and its potential implications for businesses and developers. 

Discussions on programmatic advertising trends in China and the significance of user experience stood out as highly relevant topics this year. These themes are vitally important in shaping the way businesses engage with their audiences, maximize their advertising strategies, and enhance the game user experience. 

Here’s a quick recap of the standout topics and discussions that caught the attention of the team who attended:

Global gaming market is growing: The global game market is growing rapidly, and there are many opportunities for Chinese games to succeed in overseas markets. However, there are also many challenges that Chinese game developers need to overcome, such as language barriers, cultural differences, and market competition. 

Game monetization trends: Marketing and promotion are essential for the success of outbound games, and choosing the right monetization model is critical for profitability. The use of technology is necessary to improve the development, marketing, and monetization of outbound games. It was noted that hybrid monetization and in-app bidding are predicted to become more popular in China. 

The future of gaming is mobile: Mobile gaming continued as the dominant force at ChinaJoy 2023. Cloud gaming was a major trend with several companies showcasing their cloud gaming platforms. The metaverse was also a hot topic of discussion. Many exhibitors and speakers discussed the future of the metaverse and how AR/VR will impact the gaming industry. These conversations highlighted the need for B2B enterprises to remain agile and adaptable in integrating these technologies.

Programmatic advertising and user experience: The exploration of programmatic advertising trends highlighted the importance of data-driven advertising strategies, while the focus on user experience aligned with the goal of delivering value to clients. The growth of AI and data analytics was a recurrent theme , emphasizing their crucial impact on decision-making processes and business strategies.

ChinaJoy 2023 offered a huge cache of insights and networking opportunities for businesses in the gaming and digital arenas. The innovation showcased at the event, particularly in areas such as VR, AR, and motion capture, sent a clear message: adaptation is essential. We look forward to attending the 21st conference next year and spreading the recap “joy” about the dynamic currents in digital technology and consumer trends in the Chinese market.

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