We are excited to announce that IAB Tech Lab has officially certified Start.io SDK for the Open Measurement initiative (OM SDK) Compliance Program initiative. The IAB Tech Lab’s OM SDK is designed to facilitate third party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to mobile app and web video environments. By updating Start.io’s SDK [4.10.0] developers will be able to utilize the open measurement functionality.

For marketers OM SDK provides a single advertising solution for viewability and verification measurement, which helps verify they are reaching a real, engaged, and measurable audiences on mobile apps. With the Start.io platform now enabled for Open Measurements, marketers can now run campaigns on the Start.io platform with any OM-supported vendors, easily and securely buy mobile app inventory and have greater transparency across all ad formats, including video and native. 

For developers, it allows a single SDK integration for all ad viewability measurement, which in turn reduces latency, overall app size, and minimizes the risk of bugs that can occur from having multiple measurement SDKs.


OM SDK benefits:

  • Revenues can be boosted with access to premium demand that requires OM measurement.
  • Marketers can use OM SDK to measure viewability with any OM-supported vendors.
  • Promoting trust and transparency between developers and marketers convincing that they’re reaching real people and the right target audience.
  • Create standardization of measurement methods.
  • It simplifies and reduces integration time and ongoing maintenance for developers.

Integrate Start.io’s updated SDK today!


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