With users spending 4.8 hours daily on mobile devices[1], agencies double down on mobile advertising. 

In early 2022, Data.ai published The State of Mobile in 2022 report, which noted that consumers spend 3.8 trillion hours on mobile devices. In addition, users spend nearly 5 hours a day on their device – a third of their waking time. Those numbers are leading agencies to focus even more on mobile, the prime channel, and build a tailored mobile strategy. To address this shift, Start.io is launching the Agency Mobile Stack, an interface for agencies to manage their portfolio.  

Agencies are facing new challenges exacerbated by the boom in mobile in-app advertising. User interfaces (UI) for programmatic buyers still often make it too hard to set up target audiences and track results. A lot of manual work required outside the UIs makes the process less effective than it could be, and more error prone. Moreover, the deprecation of mobile advertising IDs (MAID) by Apple ATT and Google Privacy Sandbox, and privacy measures introduced by governments make it even harder to collect and leverage user data for campaign targeting. This has incentivized advertisers to rely on first-party data, which is collected with customer consent, so it can be used with fewer restrictions.

To address the needs of mobile marketing simplification, we are now launching the Agency Mobile Stack, following the introduction of Maia (Mobile AI Audience) in early 2022. Maia is an easy-to-use, single-frame platform for audience exploration and activation. It’s the industry’s first audience-building platform built strictly on NLP (natural language processing) and Artificial Intelligence.

Leveraging granular and accurate data in mobile marketing is key in today’s environment. Our direct relationships with marketers and agencies leads to significant ad spend utilizing the company’s first-party data. Maia and the Agency Mobile Stack are designed for agencies to manage their portfolio and provide marketers with a quick and simple way to build AI-driven audiences, create and launch campaigns, view campaign data, and analyze reports.

With a host of dedicated features and advanced user interface, the new Mobile Stack delivers a wide range of capabilities for agencies, including user permissions that support multiple managers of the same accounts with separate user IDs, auto-connecting of new advertiser accounts to the agency, and custom analysis and performance reporting from different campaigns managed in different accounts. The Agency Mobile Stack also enables the setting of “Agency Margin”, configurations and targeting at the account level, new IVT & Viewability metrics specially developed for targeting and reports, and much more.

In addition, the Agency Mobile Stack will soon expand its capabilities to include the audience-based VCR (video completion rate) Goal Auto Optimization solution for video campaigns, CTR Goal Auto Optimization, as well as customer training provided by the Start.io team to maximize the potential of the Agency Mobile Stack.

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    [1] Data.ai: The State of Mobile in 2022 – https://www.data.ai/en/insights/market-data/state-of-mobile-2022/