No one is more excited to say hello to 2021 than we are! That’s because we have fantastic news: StartApp is rebranding to become This is much more than a name change. We’re unveiling a new look and mission along with an expanded product offering and technology advancements.

Looking Back at How We Got Here

StartApp was founded ten years ago, and over the last decade, we are proud of what we have achieved. We’ve established ourselves as a pioneer and industry leader by developing a global mobile advertising platform.

As demand for mobile marketing increased, we added a programmatic layer, enabling brands to reach their target audiences through in-app ads, and giving app publishers and developers excellent monetization opportunities. 

We’ve hit unprecedented benchmarks of 1 million integrated apps and 25 billion SDK downloads! We plan to continue offering this service, and it will now be even more effective due to our newest data-related capabilities, which improve audience targeting to generate higher eCPMs.


Our new name,, is a direct reference to our origin and while opening up the company to a new, broader mission: empowering companies to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions that enhance strategies and drive growth.

We’ve developed an innovative insights and audience product that leverages our direct integration with one million mobile apps to gain access to unheard-of levels of global first-party real-time data, which can be used to understand and predict behaviors, identify new market opportunities, and fuel strategic business plans.

This new offering is fully powered by AI, which means companies can uncover insights at a deeper, more authentic level.

Our AI capabilities can answer many of your key business questions. Real-time, real-world data will reveal, for example, the demographics of people in your area, their spending habits, and the types of experiences they are most interested in.

From there, businesses can explore the data around local competition and discover how they can gain the competitive edge they need. Strategic planning has never been more critical.

Grow Like Never Before

Our enhanced AI-powered growth platform provides new, deeper levels of targeting based on first-party data to identify precise audience segments that will respond to and engage with ads, maximizing campaign performance.

Our hyperlocal targeting takes companies out of the digital space and into the real world, enabling them to communicate with potential customers in the area and drive more foot traffic and revenue.  

Our customers with digital assets can continue to rely on us to bring them the best mobile growth opportunities through our proprietary SDK inventory which is connected to top-performing exchanges, DSPs, and SSPs. With our first-party data always accessible, companies can enrich and scale their campaigns to reach new levels of growth.

But, that’s not all…

In addition to our new mission and product capabilities, we’ve got a fresh new logo and website to go along with our relaunch. There are so many exciting things happening at We don’t want you to miss out on any opportunity that will empower you to make smarter strategic decisions based on every company’s best friends: data and AI.

Head over to our website to explore in more detail and discover how we can help you surpass your business goals. Let’s fill 2021 with inspiring decisions that fuel growth!