Across the globe, we are all facing a new challenge that affects every aspect of our lives. At, we believe that the answer lies in determination. Keep innovating, keep pushing the boundaries, and keep on striving for productivity. 

As a global company with offices in the US, China, India, Ukraine, and Israel, we are following the news closely and adopting day-to-day operations according to the local authorities’ instructions and guidelines.

Although our team is working remotely in some cases, we have taken the necessary actions to ensure our infrastructure and platform remain up and running with no interruptions. And today, we are releasing the new 2020 Android SDK.

Our new SDK, certified by Google, includes both new features and a comprehensive global privacy compliance mechanism (Following the Google Ad Network Certification of the Kids and Family SDK in May 2019). and Google will work hand-in-hand to ensure swift implementation of the new SDK and compliance with Google’s policy and global regulations. is one of the very first mobile partners to receive Google’s new SDK certification.

The new SDK allows publishers and developers from any category and of any size to monetize their apps while implementing a solution with a global privacy compliance mechanism – and grow their business steadily and safely.

For publishers, developers and advertisers, is the smart, safe and certified choice.

Creating user value while building trust

The SDK includes a global privacy compliance mechanism that allows the app to implement a new interface for attaining user affirmative consent for data collection. This is in accordance with different regulations around the world and with Google’s privacy policy.

Joining us for the first time or adding new apps? The 2020 Android SDK offers easier integration

Our manifest initialization methods now enable a transparent initialization function directly via the androidmanifest.xml file. For more information, view the integration documentation.

A whole new way to manage your ad placements with ad tags

Now you can add tags to ad placements. Ad tags help to improve the ad experience for your users and better optimize your monetization by creating the best balance of ad placements. To learn more about ad tags, click here.

Stability is key!

This version of the Android SDK includes bug fixes and stability optimization tools that support slick, smooth operations.

Get your 2020 Android SDK today

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Wishing health and happiness to you and your loved ones.

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