How’s this for an anomaly: the modern version of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day started around the same time (early 20th century). However, Mother’s Day consistently gets higher levels of consumer spending. Why is that? 

One reason may be that moms are typically regarded as more central to home life than dads, so naturally, people buy bigger gifts as a way to say thank you.

It doesn’t seem quite fair, does it, considering the incredible impact that fathers have on our lives. Thankfully, perceptions of Father’s Day are changing, and shopping trends are also catching up. Take a look at the steady increase in Father’s Day spending in the US from $10 billion in 2007 to over $20 billion 2021:


For advertisers, this means more opportunity, but more challenges too. Let’s take a look at 6 Father’s Day trends inspired by data, so you can create and adapt your mobile ad campaigns to get the best results.

Father’s Day Data Point #1: 45% of fathers play Strategic Game Apps.

Dads love a great game, and spending some time playing strategy games is a great way to please him on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Data Point #2: 20% of dads in the US enjoy road trips, and 41% enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Why not plan a family vacation or a special solo getaway for Father’s Day? 

Father’s Day Data Point #3: 60% of wine connoisseurs in the US are male.

For dads who enjoy a good quality red or white, wine is a classic gift that will always be welcome. Among wine connoisseurs in the United States, the majority are men, and 48.8% are aged 25-34.

Father’s Day Data Point #4: 22% of dads in the US enjoy American football.

Which ticket should you buy for Dad this Father’s Day? Football takes top place, with just 5% to 6% of US dads preferring to go to baseball or basketball games.

Father’s Day Data Point #5: 23% of US fathers love to do decor!

Dads-to-be are even more interested, with 39% of expectant fathers using Home Decor apps. Decorating the nursery on weekends? Yes please!

Father’s Day Data Point #6: 51% of US fathers are interested in books.

Stuck for ideas about what to buy the dad who has everything? You’ll never go wrong with a great book – in fact you have an almost 50-50 chance of getting it right!

Who is shopping for Father’s Day and what are they looking for? The answers may surprise you. According to Hallmark, the greeting card company, for example, 50% of Father’s Day cards are purchased for dads, and nearly 20% are purchased for husbands. Father’s Day cards are also given to grandfathers, uncles, brothers and other special father-figures! It takes a deep dive into Father’s Day data to get an accurate picture of consumer trends and preferences around the holiday, and that’s where mobile audience data can help too.