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Orbis3 Boosts Profits and eCPM with’s Optimization Algorithm

Established in 2014, Orbis3 is a developer, publisher, and implementer of cutting-edge projects and solutions for mobile and digital media, including apps and games development and analytics, ad mediation, app monetization, B2C digital products promotion, and B2B mobile marketing. Orbis3 aims to shape the future of the mobile app environment with its holistic solutions and expertise.

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Orbis3 wanted to improve monetization performance and increase their revenue and eCPM. This would require the company to move from‘s S2S integration to SDK integration. For several years, Orbis3was integrated with via S2S integration. By moving Orbis3to our advanced mobile SDK, we could provide the company with access to diverse global demand, tapping into various premium advertising campaigns from the world’s largest and leading players via direct and programmatic channels.

This would also increase Orbis3’s access to a variety of SDK ad formats, including rich media, video and native ad units, and their ability to balance revenue and user experience with smooth and fast implementation of ad placements.


Previously, Orbis3 were integrated to via S2S. In March 2021, Orbis3integrated SDK with their first app. Orbis3’s performance increased rapidly and significantly. This led to the decision to deprecate S2S integration and integrate SDK to all Orbis3apps. At the end of May 2021, we closed Orbis3S2S integrations and moved to 100% SDK integration traffic.
The monetization algorithm constantly learns Orbis3 ads’ traffic behavior and serves Orbis3 with ads that meet Orbis3 targets. In addition, thanks to Orbis3’s app-ads.txt implementation,’s premium demand partners are now buying Orbis3traffic.
The and Orbis3 teams have been working closely together daily for many years, and this solid relationship helps us ensure excellent performance and constant growth.

Outcome succeeding to fill high % of Orbis3ad requests with high CPM’s, and this continues to grow.
With the help of our monetization algorithm, high paying demand, and optimization process, can serve Orbis3 ad requests with high eCPM.

“Since 2016, has been a core monetization partner for Orbis3, serving millions of impressions daily. We value’s worldwide competitive demand, 24/7 support responsiveness, constant improvements in optimization and monetization, and its strong team of technical experts always ready to assist.”

Olga Berisheva
Business Development
Manager, Orbis3


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