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The platform enables marketers to access hundreds of mobile user segments on Retargetly. Advertisers can leverage segments that include custom-defined audiences or choose from a vast selection of syndicated segments based on shopping behaviors.

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Retargetly is constantly looking for technology partners who can enhance and enrich its offering in various domains. Finding trusted first-party data to build AI-driven audiences in the mobile in-app domain is a significant challenge. Creating accurate mobile audiences, globally and at scale, is a solution that very few tech companies can deliver. Retargetly chose thanks to its LATAM pre-pack segments (600+ audiences), ability to create Custom Audiences, mobile in-app environment, and quick responsivity.

Process’s platform allows marketers to access hundreds of user segments, each containing relevant, active consumers. Advertisers can leverage segments that include custom-defined audiences or choose from a vast selection of pre-packaged audiences based on shopping behaviors, demographic characteristics, product anities, mobile carrier subscriptions, devices, and more behavioral characteristics. builds custom audiences, all carefully crafted, while maintaining a fast response time to align with the needs of Retargetly’s clients. Segments were created with a dynamic approach, using multi-mobile device signals that include apps, location, device information, and more. Because has the fifth most popular SDK in the world, Retargetly was able to use the segments to reach users in any country around the world. As Retargetly’s clients have diverse audience needs, the custom segments varied greatly. Some of the most popular segments used by Retargetly customers included Telco, Shoppers, Banking, Social Media, Video Streaming and more. The main verticals created as custom segments were Banking, Shopping, Telco and Food. For the Telco custom segments, incorporated the breakdown for local networks on smaller LATAM markets. For Banking, local brand names were opened both for apps and POI. For Food, local brands were added.

Outcome helps Retargetly generate revenue through our syndicated (prepack) segments while creating additional revenue via tailor-made custom segments to add to their unique oering. By using’s custom-developed segments as well as our syndicated segments, Retargetly clients were able to grow their audiences and create deeper relationships, leading to increased retention rates – key metrics for both advertisers and agencies. generated more segment options to meet the growing and evolving needs of Retargetly’s customers. As the partnership between Retargetly and advanced, continuously enriched the segments with updated data. In total, we’ve created slightly more than 150 custom segments since 2020. Custom audiences that demonstrated success were later added to the syndicated taxonomy catalog.’s relationship with Retargetly has vitally helped to shape our taxonomy to better represent LATAM markets.

“’s unparalleled install base of over 500,000 apps running their SDK makes them one of the only truly global mobile data players, and the perfect data partner in Latin America. Having the ability to target and understand users across their devices based on the apps they use is unique, and and Retargetly together can offer that and much more.”

Santi Darmandrail
COO, Retargetly


When examining revenue by verticals, custom segments played a very important role for Retargetly, mainly in Telco, with 100% of revenue generated through custom segments, and Financial services with 48%.