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How became one of Zimad’s top monetization partners

ZiMAD is an interactive gaming developer and publisher, with a portfolio of popular, high-quality games such as Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, Magic Solitaire Collection, and more. Active since 2009, ZiMAD’s customer base comprises millions of active users worldwide.

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ZiMAD were looking for new partners to monetize their top app – Magic Jigsaw Puzzles – with a preference for a one-stop- shop that could deliver high eCPM and fill rate for both Android and iOS. The ZiMAD sales team reached out to Following an in-depth kick-off call, the integration team got to work.


As with all managed publishers, the team accommodated ZiMAD throughout the integration process, and specifically focused on the Line Item feature, to ensure the smoothest and fastest integration experience. The Line Item feature provides publishers with full pricing control and built-in optimization setup.
The and ZiMAD teams worked together closely and fruitfully on a daily basis, which helped to ensure optimal outcomes and rapid growth.
To ensure the integration was properly set, ZiMAD used test mode. When everything was working as expected, ZiMAD began sending live traffic.
ZiMAD launched the SDK to monetize the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles app in both iOS and Android, in full screen and Native placements.
Thanks to great performance, ZiMAD added the SDK to its Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Amazon and Magic Solitaire Collection apps soon after.
The monetization algorithm quickly learned ZiMAD’s traffic behavior and was able to serve ZiMAD with ads that comply with their eCPM goals.

Outcome’s mobile app monetization solution enabled ZiMAD to access diverse, premium demand across the globe. Our leading mobile in- app programmatic platform allows the top-performing demand-side platforms (DSPs) to compete and bid on their inventory, helping ZiMAD to maximize their earnings for each impression.

Using the Line Item feature, ZiMAD was able to set bid floors for specific segments of traffic. With precise fine-tuning of the line items, and ongoing searches for more demand opportunities, ensured that ZiMAD reached and even exceeded their expected eCPMs.

“This year has become an essential part of our ad monetization stack. Great demand for all popular ad formats, clear webpanel and helpful support from team make them one of our top-10 monetization vendors.”

Ilya Utemov
Head of Ad
Monetization, Zimad

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