Device-Based Audiences

Delivering mobile advertising with the right context in real-time.
Use our contextual advertising platform to target your users,
based on their interests and increase your app’s performance

Targeting audiences in real-time’s platform enables the first comprehensive contextual mobile In-App marketing. With the limited availability of MAIDs (Mobile Advertising ID), the device-based audience becomes an essential option in the marketer’s toolbox.

Mobile marketing use case

App category is the tip of the iceberg

App content, including app description, app category and sub-category, are vital for an initial assessment of contextual usage. Contextual content is the foundation for leveraging a vast number of signals processed by AI to target precisely in real-time.

Device, location, language and so much more

The power of In-App mobile marketing comes from utilizing first-party data that contributes to understanding contextual usage.’s platform analyzes multiple signals in real-time to create an AI-driven contextual analysis and match it to the relevant campaigns. Such signals include device type and model (Samsung S22 VS. iPhone 13), operating system version (iOS 15), IP, default language, device sensors and many others.

In-App contextual advertising VS. Web contextual advertising

Contextual ads are as good as the medium that delivers them. Direct first-party signals from mobile applications can create a major difference for marketers and media buyers. By utilizing device-level data and not only browser data, you can hit your goals and find your audience.

Contextual audience and segmentation

Pre-defined segments can be activated on’s platform by utilizing the AI contextual segmentation engine. Go ahead and set your campaign’s preference such as gender, age group, and other attributes and we will find those for you in real-time.

Location contextual targeting

At, we don’t just find your customers in the mobile world. We know where they are in the real world in real-time. Via location-based targeting, you can draw customers directly to your door.

Privacy-centric contextual advertising

Our platform understands the true context of the app and device so you can accurately align your campaigns to relevant content in a privacy-centric manner.

Custom contextual marketing

Customize your targeting segments to amplify your brand’s message and meet your audience. Custom segments are built specifically to your brand with transparent customization and instant deployment on our platform.