Glossary | A | App ads.txt

What is App ads.txt?

App-ads.txt is a text file that allows app developers to publicly declare which advertising platforms are authorized to sell their digital ad inventory. This creates greater transparency in the advertising inventory supply chain, and gives developers control over who sells their ad inventory, making it harder for fraudulent actors to profit from selling counterfeit inventory.   

The app-ads.txt provides clarity by allowing app publishers to specify the authorized partners or intermediaries that have permission to sell their ad inventory. Advertisers and buyers can then verify the authenticity of the sellers by checking the app-ads.txt file before purchasing ad space.   

The app-ads.txt file includes a list of authorized advertising selling platforms, publisher ID, and the unique identifier for the app. Advertisers access and parse this file to ensure they are purchasing ad inventory from legitimate and authorized sources, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity and unauthorized reselling.  

By implementing app-ads.txt, app developers and publishers can establish a trusted and secure advertising ecosystem, protect their brand reputation, and provide advertisers with greater confidence when buying ad inventory within mobile apps.