Glossary | A | App Rating

What is app rating?

An app’s rating is a way for users to give feedback on their experience with an app while helping other users decide which apps they should try out in the future.   

App ratings serve as a public measure of the app’s quality, performance, usability, and value. Users can rate the app on a scale, or provide a written review. Positive ratings can improve an app’s visibility inside an app store, improve user trust, and lead to higher downloads and a more efficient conversion rate. On the other hand, negative ratings can deter potential users from downloading an app, damage the app’s reputation and lead to a lower download rate.  

There are a few key differences in how app ratings work on Android versus iOS. Both app stores allow people who have downloaded an app to leave a rating and a written review. On the Google Play store, developers can respond to written reviews, while they can’t on Apple’s App Store. For iOS, an app’s ratings and reviews can affect how an app ranks in the store’s search results.  

App developers who decide to respond to negative reviews on the Google Play store should follow the three A’s: Acknowledge the issue, apologize for any inconvenience the customer experienced, and assist in fixing the issue. Doing so may lead to better ratings in the future.