Glossary | A | ARPDAU

What is ARPDAU?

Average revenue per daily active user, or ARPDAU, is a key performance indicator that app developers use to gauge how much money they’re making, on average, from their most engaged customers—their daily active users.  

ARPDAU can help app developers understand the impact of different monetization strategies over time.  

For example, an app developer might introduce a new advertising format in App A that they believe will add an additional 10 cents per day to their ARPDAU. After launching the new ad format, the developer might instead find that users don’t like the new ads and are quitting their app sessions earlier than before, leading to a drop in ARPDAU.  

ARPDAU calculates revenue from multiple sources, such as in-app purchases, also known as IAPs, digital ads, and subscription revenue. By tracking ARPDAU, app developers can assess the effectiveness of their monetization strategies, better understand user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their app’s revenue streams.  

Additionally, ARPDAU can be used for benchmarking to compare an app’s performance with industry averages or competitors.