Glossary | B | Banner Ads

What are banner ads?

Banner ads, also known as display ads, are graphical ads that appear on websites and mobile apps, and are one of the most common types of digital advertising in use today.  

The average person sees thousands of banner ads per month, typically in rectangular form at the top or bottom of an app, and inserted into a website’s side rails or between paragraphs of content online.  

Advertisers typically pay for banner ads based on a CPM pricing model, where they pay a specific price for every 1,000 ad impressions that a publisher successfully delivers to the ad in question. Some advertisers instead pay on a CPA basis, where they pay a publisher for specific actions that people take after seeing their ad, such as clicking through to a website, or completing an online order.  

Banner ads are usually delivered through advertising networks, programmatic ad buying platforms, or placed directly on websites and mobile apps in privately negotiated distribution deals.  

Banner ads perform well in brand awareness campaigns, and can excel at driving in-app actions.