Glossary | M | Mobile App Engagement

What is mobile app engagement?

Mobile app engagement measures the degree of user interaction with an app. For example, high mobile app engagement means users are in-app for long periods of time. Understanding your mobile app engagement gives you good insight into how to improve functionality, retain a loyal user base, and optimize monetization strategy.

Mobile app engagement metrics:

  • Average session duration – How long your average user will spend on your app within one session
  • Session interval – The timespan between one app session and the next
  • Retention rate – How loyal your user base is over a longer period of time
  • Churn rate – How many users uninstalled your app
  • App rating – The average rating your users grant your app


How to increase mobile app engagement:

  • Smooth onboarding – You want your users to feel comfortable and informed when trying your app, especially for the first time. Try guiding your users screen-by-screen and give clear instructions.
  • Maintain a frequent stream of new content and features – Use the app’s reviews and ratings to continuously improve and update your app according to what the user wants.
  • Build customized funnels based on user segments – Divide an app’s user base into groups based on their behaviors and demographics. Doing this will allow you to customize the user’s experience.
  • Create re-engagement strategy