Precise targeting for maximum marketing ROI

Data-Driven Targeting

The first-party data from’s SDK can pinpoint audience segments best suited to your campaign goals and brand. Activate these segments at the most effective times with targeted ads that match user behaviors to maximize accuracy and campaign performance.

Mobile marketing use case

Hyperlocal Targeting

At, we don’t just find your customers in the mobile world. We know where they are in the real world in real-time. Via location-based targeting, you can use data to interact with customers when they are in physical proximity to your stores. Reach high-quality foot traffic with targeted ads on mobile devices, drawing customers directly to your door, moment to moment.


Re-ignite existing customers’ interest and attention based on their past and current interactions in your app or site. You can reengage and retarget your customers by creating custom segments using’s 1st party data and also include your own segments and CRM data to improve overall accuracy.

Mobile Growth

Scale your app success with data-driven precision. Our platform connects our proprietary SDK inventory with the world’s top-performing Exchanges, DSPs and SSPs, so we can leverage our first-party data to enrich your campaigns and reach the relevant audience while maintaining scale.

Mobile App Growth Worldwide

We have an unprecedented number of direct integrations with hundreds of thousands of apps, so you can browse a huge variety of categories and content while using first-party data for precise targeting. With access to SDK-direct integrations and global in-app supply, marketers can hit goals via real-time audience-based buying and an advanced bidding tool.