Privacy FAQ

What Types Of Data Does Collect? (formerly StartApp collects information about mobile devices, including information such as the device model, the operating system, the device advertising ID, apps, the carrier, or certain device settings. We also collect data about interactions with certain installed applications and/or advertisements within those applications. Data profiles are built exclusively using the device’s advertising ID, or the anonymous identification number associated with a unique device.

Is Data First-Party?

Yes, our data is first-party data. The majority of our data is coming from our proprietary SDK and the rest from different direct integrations with partners.

How Is Your SDK Present on So Many Apps?

When (formerly StartApp) was founded in 2010, we were primarily a solution for app developers who wanted to monetize their apps and have since moved towards providing broader mobile data and technology solutions. We’ve been fostering this developer community for many years now with thousands of new apps integrate with our SDK every month.

What Do You Do with That Data?

The data is used as part of our solutions including: Ad Platform – data is used to optimize in-app advertisements for our partner publishers, offer targeted advertising options to partner advertisers, and optimize our programmatic capabilities SODA Safeguard – data is used for user verification and validation for Safeguard partners SODA Audiences – data is used to build audience segments for the marketing and advertising initiatives of Audiences partners. SODA Data Co-Op – data is used to optimize the mobile user lifecycle from onboarding to churn for Data Co-Op partners.

Can Users Opt-Out of Tracking?

Yes, all iOS and Android users are able to opt-out of all data tracking through their phone and app settings.

Is the SDK Compliant with Google Play & Apple App Store Privacy Policies?

Yes,’s SDK is compliant with all of the most recent Google Play & App Store policies.

How Does Protect Partners Against Fraud?

Internally, we have a dedicated fraud prevention team whose main focus is to proactively prevent and detect any fraudulent sources by analyzing IPs, user behavior, mean time-to-install (MTTI), and more. We have developed fraud detector methods that analyze both real-time traffic and traffic that cannot be measured in real time.