In our latest blog post on the burning subject of iOS 14+, we made it clear that in the post-IDFA era, the mobile marketer will prevail. Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature is now live and the key question is what should marketers and app publishers and developers do?

The short answer is update their methods and solutions. Adoption of Apple iOS updates tends to be rapid. The best way to assure your business operations in the ecosystem is to implement and use the changes to your advantage.

The industry has had a couple of months to adapt technologies and address this significant change. At, we released an updated SDK that presents a whole new set of ID-less targeting features so you can still effectively target your audience.

Mobile App Publishers and Developers

To help improve iOS monetization rates, we encourage mobile app publishers and developers to upgrade to version 4.6.3, which is’s iOS 14+ compliant SDK, and follow guidelines for iOS 14+ readiness.

Data drives superior monetization, and yet data doesn’t necessarily get attached to IDs. The ability to segment mobile audiences according to various factors, such as contextual usage of the device, app category and sub-category, time of day, language and many others, is key to driving outstanding performance.

Marketers – Mobile Is and Always Will Be Your Superpower

The limitation of IDFA collection will have an impact on the ability to directly measure campaign ROI. However, mobile still dominates the growth business, and there are valuable tools available to overcome those limitations.

Best practices will change for media buyers and marketers, yet the options are many and advanced. In fact, building an audience with real-time mobile signals (without IDs) can be almost identical. With’s new SDK, you can target audiences without an ID.

The non-ID campaigns’ activation is based on a clear mapping of the device attributes as mentioned. This set of features will give marketers additional granularity like never before, even in the absence of a unique identifier. Click here to explore our consumer insights and audiences page.

You’ve Got This, and We’ve Got Your Back

Both mobile app publishers and marketers are navigating their next steps in the new era introduced by iOS 14+, and we are all ready for it.

Implementing our new SDK and following our best practices in audience activation and media buying can make your way smooth and easy. In the event that you need any assistance, of course we are here for you. Reach out, and let’s discuss it!