For mobile publishers, every opportunity to boost monetization and gain revenue is key. However, there are some opportunities that should not be missed.

Amazon Publisher Services is one of them.

APS is a vital piece of the publisher revenue puzzle. It supports easy header bidding via a user-friendly dashboard, and access to differentiated demand. With APS you can access pre-roll video and display banners for mobile web, and video and display units for mobile apps. Through APS’ unified auction, all integrated bidders compete to help increase yield for publishers. 

This is now available to mobile web and app publishers via

APS & Ready for you

Recently integrated with APS, making demand available to all APS-connected publishers.

It’s easy to connect with

Publishers who are already using APS’ header bidding solutions do not need to integrate with directly; they can do so via an existing APS integration.

Here’s how: simply connect to by adding our app-ads.txt lines (with the unique publisher ID created for you). This enables the connection to APS.

Live with publishers, and growing is currently live on APS with several publishers, including Etermax, Callapp, Audiomack, iFunny, Media-Lab and Learnings, and there are many more to come.

Every week, additional publishers are connecting to through APS and reaping the benefits of the powerful, simple-to-use header bidding solution.

Grow your revenue with’s collaboration with APS is growing every day, supporting mobile publishers in reaching new revenue drivers and expanding their income potential. 

Want to grow your revenue with and APS? Contact us today and we’ll steer you in the right direction.