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What is mobile app growth?


The mobile app market is constantly growing and becoming a more competitive industry, making app growth strategy a complicated and integral part of the app’s success. Mobile app growth encompasses the marketing strategies for retaining an app’s user base and acquiring high quality users who generate more revenue than they were bought for in the long term. Optimizing mobile app growth strategy will ensure your app stays relevant in this competitive landscape.

In order to optimize your app growth strategy and see a higher overall app growth rate, it is important to track valuable KPIs, such as retention rate, churn rate, DAU, LTV and ARPU.

4 tips for mobile app growth:

  1. A preview video: developers should show users what makes the app special and worth downloading. While screenshots are also valuable, video is more seamless to watch and can drive conversions.
  2. Leverage social media: social channels are an easy and cost-effective way to reach new users.
  3. App store optimization
  4. Share across channels: broaden your advertising channels – Try today!