Moms to Be
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Moms to Be

Women who are about to become Moms to Be are at an exciting juncture in their life and have a lot to prepare before their little ones arrive. Looking into the characteristics of moms to be in Bosnia and Herzegovina, data shows 49.5% of them are in the 18-24 age group. More information about this segment can be found in the following charts.

Moms to Be
Bosnia and Herzegovina map
Geolocation stat
Bosnia and Herzegovina
51,187 sq km
Audience size
Bosnia and Herzegovina map

INSIGHTS ON Moms to Be in Bosnia and Herzegovina

55 years and above 1%
45-54 years 2.2%
35-44 years 10.7%
25-34 years 36.7%
18-24 years 49.5%
Top devices
01 Samsung Galaxy J5(2016)
02 Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro (2017)
03 Samsung Galaxy A50
04 Samsung Galaxy A5(2017)
05 Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)
Leading carriers
01 BH Telecom
02 Mtel
03 HT-Eronet
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Updated: 10-2021