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Explore unlimited apps’ demographic and insights to understand your target customers better.

Access thousands of apps with vast information about their demographics and customer data analytics.

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With a few clicks, marketers can activate their chosen audience on one of over a dozen DSPs and further refine or expand their audience using suggested related segments or additional filters inside the audience builder. Armed with their ideal audience, marketers can launch highly targeted campaigns that deliver results.

Mobile App Insights and Audiences Hub FAQs:

The consumer insights and audiences hub covers thousands of segments and reflects a small sample of’s audiences. Looking for a specific audience but couldn’t find it? Have questions about the presented insights? Contact for more information.

Demographic targeting means segmentation according to age, gender, education, and income level. These segments can be effectively activated for advertising campaigns.

Data-driven decisions are key for today’s strategy and marketing. Having a clear understanding of your audiences based on consumer insights ensures you’re headed in the right direction for efficient and scalable growth.

Consumer insights can address business questions such as the size of segments, audience characteristics, optional demographics and attributes, and much more. Measuring your total addressable market, understanding the attributes of your audiences, and exploring strategic markets are some of the business objectives that can benefit from those insights.

Analyzing an audience can be done according to numerous factors. The easiest way to start the process is by defining demographics targeting. Age, gender, and similar attributes help in narrowing down your segments quickly and effectively.

The Hub includes a variety of data sets, including gender, age, cellular carrier information, income level, and more. The presented insights are according to the available and applicable information – provided by’s AI Audience Platform.

Marketers can use the Hub to access thousands of insights, gain a deeper understanding of their segments, and activate those instantly on a variety of media exchanges (DSPs – demand-side platforms).

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