For advertisers in the mobile ecosystem, there’s no such thing as “too much” audience data. 

Data-based insights about the behavior and interests of the target audience is always the key to effective ad campaigns. It is also what you need in order to focus budgets on the right consumers at the right place and time. But the more data you have, the harder it can be to separate the wheat from the chaff, and find the nuggets that will really have the impact you need for campaign performance.

That’s the motivation behind our Audience Segments hub, where you can discover up-to-date data insights about mobile users among dozens of consumer segments, in hundreds of cities, states and countries, worldwide. Read our latest blog posts about Nike Target market analysis and Tesla Target market analysis to learn more about these insights. 

The network is constantly gathering mobile user data in real-time, all over the world. This massive pool of valuable data provides a real-time “snapshot” of what consumers are doing, where they are shopping, what they like to buy, what mobile device and carrier they use, and more. And all those insights are now available to advertisers, with just a click of a button.

Audience Segment Data: It’s Totally Up to You

Our Audience Segments page is designed to provide you with easy access to a vast range of data sorted according to consumer segments, so you can pick and choose the ones most relevant to your business. Plus, you can narrow down your data results according to location, so you can explore what’s happening on the ground, right now, among your target audience. 

Use this information to craft accurate and effective mobile ad campaigns for specific user segments and locations. And the best part of the Audience Segments hub? It’s completely up to you.’s Audience Segments hub provides 30 different types of audience segmentations, divided into different states, countries, and cities across the world – you do the math.  

Coffee Enthusiasts in Cleveland, Job Seekers in Jakarta, New Parents in New York – with a wide array of niches and global locations, the possibilities are endless. Simply select your relevant segment, choose the location, and explore the data.

But that’s just the beginning, and just a drop in the sea of the data available to advertisers. At the Audience Segments hub, advertisers can browse the audience segments by category and location, at no cost. Then, take the process to the next level by contacting and activating the chosen audiences in mobile campaigns.

Case in point: Father’s Day Approaching…

We invite you to leverage Audience Segments for general ad campaigns or access the data to help you create specialized campaigns for seasonal marketing and upcoming holidays. With Father’s Day approaching, for example, advertisers are diving into Audience Segment data to target potential mobile audiences likely to be browsing and shopping for Father’s Day gifts. 

For instance, the audience segment of Car Owners, a much-loved topic among dads everywhere, has a massive potential audience of 168 million mobile users worldwide who own or intend to own a car.

The audience segment of Fitness Enthusiasts is made up of 64 million mobile users, offering rich opportunities for fitness brands to target relevant users with Father’s Day promotions around health, sport and fitness.

Let’s take a closer look at the Car Owners audience segment in India, numbering over 28 million mobile users. This audience is more than two-thirds male, with nearly 60% in the 25-44 age bracket. The data has identified a huge segment of consumers who are both interested in cars, and likely to be celebrating Father’s Day with their families.

For advertisers of auto and related products in India, this is a prime audience for targeting with relevant mobile ads in the leadup to Father’s Day. And thanks to Audience Segments data, advertisers can now explore and activate this audience to get more from their Father’s Day mobile ad campaigns. 

These are just a few examples of the specific audience segments that can be targeted from among’s vast global base of mobile users and 1 million integrated apps.

For your next mobile ad campaign, check out Audience Segments first. You’ll be amazed by the power of to select the exact data insights you need to optimize your mobile marketing activity – what you need, when you need it, with just a few clicks. Try it! 

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